Alessandro Travi

Alessandro Travi

Crazy Software Engineer
About Me

I’m a software engineer always willing to put myself out there and push myself beyond my limits. Right after high school diploma, while working as postman, I started challenging myself with both personal side-projects and freelance consulting. I'm not sure what being a 'self starter' means, but people tends to call me that.

LocationComo Lake, Italy
Node.js, Java, Kotlin, Springboot, Next.js, Serverless, AWS, Terraform, CloudFormation, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Docker
React.js, Python, Azure, CDK, Solidity, Flutter
Vue.js, Angular, Go, Swift
Professional Experience
  • Freelance
    Full-Stack Developer2021 – Present

    Freelance consulting

  • Claranet CH
    DevOPS Engineer2019 – 2021

    Requirements analysis and DevOps development. Create IaC infrastructure with Terraform, Cloudformation and CDK. Working on Serverless Projects(AWS and Azure) and Flutter mobile application

  • Mondora srl sb (TeamSystem Factory)
    Software Engineer2016 – 2019

    Requirements analysis and software development. Team working remotely with Agile methodologies (SCRUM and Kanban). Main projects: - Management software development for a finance client (H14),linked with Bloomberg. All microservices run on AWS Elastic Beanstalk (PaaS) - Software development for TeamSystem's product AGYO(e-invoice). Docker microservices orchestrated by Kubernetes and CI with Jenkins. All resources on Azure - Timestamping proof on ETH blockchain (Solidity smart contracts), exposed through APIs limited by Azure API Gateway. Main languages: Java with Springboot, NodeJs, Grails (Groovy), Kotlin, ReactJs Other: FaaS both on AWS (Lambda) and Azure (Functions, LogicApp)

  • Indie Developer
    IT Consultant2015 – 2016

    Requirements analysis and software development. Main projects: - Management Software (ERP) development for an important volunteering org (AVIS). NoSQL db used AWS DynamoDB - Prototyping for a 3d printing company. Main languages: Java with Play! Framework, JQuery and JS

  • MetaJ Solution
    Software Developer & Team Leader2014 – 2015

    Leader of a team of 4. Requirements analysis and software development for payment services (PMPay project). All services run on AWS IaaS (EC2 instances). SQL db used MYSQL with ORM Main languages: Java with Play! Framework, JQuery and JS

  • ICT Service (MetaJ Solution)
    Software Developer2012 – 2014

    Software development and maintenance with Java and Struts Framework for banking and finance clients

  • APMG-International
    ITIL Foundation2014

  • ITIS Enea Mattei (SO)
    High School Diploma Perito Informatico2004 – 2010

Side Projects

Simply receive notifications in Telegram. Entire Serverless project with Firebase Functions(Typescript), Firestore and Hosting


Simple webapp for checking Ed25519 elliptic curve signing algorithm. Language used: Typescript on SvelteJs Framework

Amazon Alexa

Home assistant skills development. Language used: NodeJs

Ho l’utility

Android app that allows Ho. Mobile users to have a widget on their homescreens. Language used: Kotlin. Unique users: 8.000

Contraceptive Ring (inactive)

Android app to track contraceptive ring usage. Language used: Java. Unique users: 49.000

3D Printing

3d print DIY assembling on Josef Prusa model Few projects to be found on Printables (altrdev)


Little trigger that allows to take pictures when some particular events happens (thunderbolt, animals passing by, sudden noises, etc). Built on Arduino

Home automation

Automatic sunblinds movement depending on particular weather conditions such as wind, rain, direct sun, etc. The core is an Arduino which can be controlled through Android app.

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